Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, I Dare Me FIRST


I’ve always thought Andrea Lawful was a pretty daring woman. She says what she thinks and I love that about her.

Now she insists I Dare Me has inspired her latest dare…well, a HAIR DARE.

Here’s the BEFORE…Read on for the AFTER…in Andrea’s own words.



For a few years now, I have been a part of this group called Damsels In Success and within the nucleus of these dynamic women, sat LuAnn Cahn who I just found to be sweet, gracious and an avid seeker of truth.

Creating Space for Something New

This week I reclaimed a small space in my house. It’s about 4 by 4 in our 2nd bedroom (we only have 2). It’s  just enough room for a cardboard table I’ve turned into a desk and a spare chair I had in our bedroom.

imageI know this is where I begin to work on NEXT.

What is NEXT in this I DARE ME adventure?  Honestly, I’m not sure. There are so many possibilities and directions to go in…writing projects, speaking engagements, teaching , back to school?

The FIRST that Nearly Made Her CRY


Dorene Reinhardt read I Dare Me and dared herself and her husband to “take a hike”…haha…. Here’s her guest blog

I decided to make a list of “firsts” to try or if the opportunity presented itself, it would become a first.

My husband and I had planned a trip to Arizona and Las Vegas. I told him that we should go beyond our regular walking and go hiking, do something different.


Keep in mind that we could walk 4 to 5 miles and exercise regularly.

Clean Your Closet? Then You Can Do Anything!

imageYesterday,  I just stared at my mess of a closet for awhile  feeling overwhelmed.

Ugh. I don’t want to do this. I HAVE TO DO THIS!

Winter clothes were mixed up with Spring clothes, mixed up with stuff I hadn’t worn in years.  I stepped over piles of shoes and purses that were beat.

I looked at a favorite top that I’d worn for 10 seasons and would wear for 10 more if my husband hadn’t said “Really? You’re still wearing that?”


I just came home from spending 3 life changing days at Campowerment.

imageFirst, I want to say, I don’t say “life changing” lightly.  It just is.

This morning I sorted and organized my mail with new techniques I learned. I walked my dog Star with my new interval walking program. I started putting in motion some of the next exciting pieces of my life.

I came home with memories of jumping in a lake, climbing a tree and pushing myself off the top to zip line…ahhhhhh.  Dancing ’til I couldn’t catch my breath…laughing out loud like a kid.

Dare Your Mom on Mother’s Day

This week we celebrated my daughter Alexa’s 27th birthday  and I made her a homemade birthday cake.   ” Wow” , she said, “You made this?”  It surprised me she didn’t remember SHE was the one who got me to take a “bake a cake from scratch” lesson four years ago.  It was one of 365 Firsts during my year of  firsts.

imageShe was the one who kicked me in the butt to begin with and convinced me to start a blog, to do something new every single day. Without Alexa’s insistence ….I Dare Me would never have existed…never would have  happened.

Big Firsts in the Big Easy

imageIt’s our 32nd Anniversary. And we decided to celebrate with a big FIRST in New Orleans.  I’d never been.  It’s been over 20 years since Phil set foot in NOLA.

Now I believe you don’t have to spend a dime or travel anywhere to do wonderful FIRST time adventures.

But  (okay, this sounds a little nuts) I love smelling new air sometimes.  And as soon as I got off the plane in NO I knew I loved it…immediately the smell of water…the sea and then the most delicious aromas hit you.  We indulged in the fried dough of beignets of every sort.

I Dare You to Start Your Own I Dare Me Club

These are the lovely, talented , awesome members of the Damsels in Success.

imageWe call it DIS for short.  Not a great acronym but hey…it works for us.

Our fearless leader  Philadelphia Kelly Green brought us together, women from every profession and walk of life, to share, connect and unwind at a monthly dinner meeting.  What’s said at the table stays at the table.  It gets pretty interesting sometimes.

Up until last month, our main activity was talking and eating, (which I have to say are really my two favorite things.)

Mother/Daughter Like “Giving Firsts” in Tenn.

  I’ve heard from quite a few Mother/ Daughter teams taking on Firsts together.

If you read I Dare Me, you know my Year of Firsts would never have happened without my daughter Alexa pushing me.  Sometimes it really helps to have someone ready to cheer us on and join us in this personal journey.  The experience bonds us and makes us feel closer to the ones we love.  

Lynn Sykes and her daughter Taylor live in Knoxville, Tennessee and agreed to share a little of their adventure together so far .

Realtor Starts Doing Firsts, Business Goes Up

Cindy Moore is a mother, grandmother and realtor in Joplin, Missouri.

She started a year of firsts and says her Real Estate business took off.

Coincidence? She doesn’t think so.

Here she is with her grandson randomly putting encouraging notes on parked cars.    Love it.  Below is her guest blog. 






Every year, I choose a new word for the upcoming months. This year, through a series of synchronicities, the word chose me. Beyond is my theme for 2014. For me, this means moving past where I currently am, and into new areas of life. As I bump up against the edges of my comfort zone, I can choose to go beyond those self created boundaries and into freedom.