I Was Dared to Climb a PECO Utility Pole

When the Network of Exelon Women in Philadelphia dared me to climb a utility pole, I was, hmmm…honored? I mean, how many people get an opportunity to do that? And honestly I thought, how hard can it be? You climb up the little metal “steps” on the pole and you climb down. HAHAHA. Boy, did I get THAT WRONG!

I had spoken to the NEW chapter about taking risks large and small, saying YES and trying new things even if you think you might not be good at it. We talked about the fact that we gain courage when we face fears and how that courage can transfer to other parts of our lives. And after that speech, they handed me a hard hat and said “Go for it.” They double dog dared me.

Life after NBC10 News? Here’s the Story.

Dear Friends and Readers

It has been several months since I’ve blogged. I’ve been on a new journey in my life; a wonderful, amazing change and transition in my life. It’s taken me a little time to settle in and take time to share…but now I want to tell you about it. Here goes.

In December, I took one big scary leap of faith and left NBC10 News in Philly after 27 years on the air. I left a great salary, great benefits and as much security as anyone can have in this business to do something new; to dare myself to explore other goals and dreams I could not pursue while at NBC10. It was a difficult decision; a decision quite a few people tried to talk me out of.

The Tarot Card Reading from 5 years Ago…OMG



So this freaked me out this morning. Follow me on this.  5 Years ago I plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, the first of 365 Firsts to get life unstuck.  New Years Day I will take the plunge again…this time with friends, fans and family to launch the 30 Dares in 30 Days  I Dare Me Book tour in 30 different cities.

As I was writing this post this morning, I remembered the tarot card reading I had done on day 152 of my journey in 2010.  I decided to look at it out of curiosity, maybe for a little inspiration. It was in Venice Beach, California.  My daughter was with me.

What Defines Success….?



My husband Phil gave me this card Friday,  my last day of my 40 year career as a news broadcaster.  It seems perfect to me  for so many reasons, including the fact that it reminds me of the beginning, the radio job I worked at writing scripts on a black Royal typewriter just like this with gold on the keys.

And when I was that 18 year old starting out, I’m sure I  dreamed of  cars and a big house and clothes .  I’m the daughter of a social worker and a secretary. I grew up in an extremely modest household.  My parents could not afford to send me to college, but somehow they did.

When One Door Closes…

Dear Friends,

My life’s work and passion since I was 18 years old is about to change, and it’s a big change. HUGE!  I’m about to embark on what is perhaps the biggest dare of my life; an ending and a new beginning. You all have been so supportive and encouraging in your own ways and I wanted to share this news with you personally in hopes that you will come along with me on this next life adventure.

First, I am leaving NBC10 WCAU, which has been my home for the last 27 years.


FEAR: Taming Our Mental Bully

I’ve been thinking about FEAR lately. It comes up  in almost every discussion about daring yourself to try something for the FIRST TIME.image

There are legitimate FEARS. Jumping out of a plane?  Absolutely.  But that’s different.

I’m talking about  the kind of mental FEAR that bullies us, makes us cower, makes us think we are “less than” or not capable, or not worthy; the kind of fear that stands in our way of  achieving our life dreams…because our inner bully doesn’t want us to threaten the status quo even if we are miserable.

First leads to Silver Screen…..WHOA








This is my childhood friend Lori Brickman.  We grew up together in Atlanta.   I don’t think we’ve seen each other…hmmm…maybe since high school…   

But she read I Dare Me and Dared herself right into the movies…  We’ll you’ll see. I love her story. Hope you do too.

Here it is in Lori’s own words:


(This is her on the left playing a DOCTOR!)


To My Breast Cancer Friends…. And Beyond

image  I had the honor of speaking at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Annual Conference this weekend.

I am a 23 year survivor of breast cancer.

23 years ago, before pink ribbons and all the marches, we were fighting for research dollars, fighting to have our voices heard.

We were naive back then. We thought we’d see breast cancer cured in 10 years if we just shouted loud enough.  We didn’t know breast cancer is not a one headed monster but a 10 headed beast…different in different women.

So, You Did the Ice Bucket Challenge? Next?




Did you feel it?  I’m not talking about the icy cold water on top of your head.

I mean, did you feel that little rush? That little shot of adrenaline? That little feeling of surprise even though you knew it was coming?

That is what Firsts are like. That is what doing something new for the first time feels like.

The reason the ALS ice bucket challenge is so wonderful is that anyone can do it. Anyone can dump ice  water on your head….(I swear, my husband didn’t hesitate a second when I asked him to do it…hmmm)

“Happy Campers” Do Firsts!

Alvina Peat is an interpersonal skills workshop designer.  But she was  a little nervous  designing a backyard camp out night and getting personal with nature.    Enjoy her story and pictures below.   









I just want you to know how I’ve been inspired by your personal journey. I too had an “I dare me” experience this weekend.

I hosted a camp out at my home. My daughter, nieces and I slept outside in the backyard. I was a bit nervous. Who the heck am I kidding, I was shaking in my sleeping bag! :-) Never in my 50 years have I done such a thing.